Box Culture

Box Culture ~ How We Roll!


Our Box is our HOME and our people are our FAMILY!
Here’s how you can help us all be SAFE and SUCCESSFUL!


  • Please be on time and stay to cheer on others. Do not clean up your equipment until everyone is done with the WOD. If you are late or don’t sign up for your class do your BURPEES without being asked!
  • Introduce yourself to all newcomers. We are more than a gym; we are a community. If you see a CrossFitter you haven’t met, introduce yourself…they may be your best friend by the end of the WOD!
  • Respect the gear. Don’t drop anything metal: empty bars, dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells with small plates (less than 25#) on them! We pride ourselves on outfitting the box with nice equipment for you, and we want you to be safe as well.
  • Chalk is a privilege. Use it sparingly and keep it where it belongs…on your hands or in the bucket.
  • Clean up your DNA! Spray bottles and towels are provided. Please clean and sanitize our equipment, mats, and floors when you are finished!
  • Integrity is vital. Be honest with everyone else and yourself. You know what the standards are, and what full range of motion is; so there is no excuse for short changing a movement or skipping reps. You are here to get better so don’t set yourself up for failure.
  • Don’t cherry pick WODs. CrossFit is all about being well rounded and constantly varied. If you don’t like one of the WODs it probably means that it contains things you need to work on. Working through an injury, excessive soreness? We have a scaled or different version of the WOD for you!
  • Negativity is not tolerated. This is a facility of awesomeness. Be optimistic, have fun, and push yourself and those around you to be better.
  • Check IT at the door. Your ego can be a hard thing to let go. CrossFit is magical in its ability to wreck egos. YOU DO NOT NEED TO Rx THE WOD! Do what is best for you and only you! Be patient with your progress.
  • Watch the Videos. Learn all you can about the WOD and mobility work before you come in the box! Check out our Facebook page. Become a student of CrossFit!
  • Listen. The Trainers are there for a reason and don’t want to see anyone get hurt or develop bad habits. When we tell you to reduce weight, stop, or do something, HAVE AN OPEN MIND, LISTEN, and DO IT.
  • Brag! Tell your family and friends how you’re getting in the best shape of your life! You’re having fun. You’re doing things you never thought possible. Be proud!
  • CrossFit is not a 1-hour magic pill. Coming in each day is only part of living healthy. To achieve optimal results you need to EAT RIGHT, DO YOUR MOBILITY WORK, REFRAIN FROM TOO MUCH ALCOHOL, GET A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP, AND TAKE REST DAYS! Have a long-term perspective…we want to be CrossFitting for the rest of our lives!



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