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Friday, April 8, 2016


Team WOD Champs from February! Trent, Andy, Max, Lisa, and Don!

Team WOD @ 6:00 PM Tonight!
The Lurong Living Summertime Challenge
 begins on May 16th.

We have not committed to this event yet! Please read about it and
indicate your interest by signing up on the sheet provided at the box.
Please put your name x 3 on the Games Movement Chart!

Pre-WOD: Row 250 meters + :30 bar hang;
1 x (10 PVC pipe presses, pass throughs, overhead squats);
2 x (10 sit-ups, 10 hip extensions, 10 pull-ups, 10 walking lunge steps);
“Y” Stretch x 2 each side

Skill: 1-Arm Dumbbell Power Snatch-alternating
…in sets of 4 gradually work up to your working weight

Post-WOD: Band-assisted hamstring/quad stretches, foam roll

4 Rounds for time…
Row 500 meters
16 1-Arm Dumbbell Power Snatch-alternating (1=1) 35/50
16 Walking Lunge Steps
16 Hip Extensions


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