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Friday, June 1, 2018


Be Brave and Kind – Help out Sirsy!
Our Friend Melanie from the band Sirsy needs our help…her cancer has returned.
Click above to connect with their Go Fund Me page!
We are: “Sebastian CrossFit Rockstar Crew”

Do you know where our AED is?
If we had an emergency would you know how to use it?

Save the DATE! TEAM WOD! Next Friday, June 8th @ 5:30 PM!

Yoga is on SUNDAY at 9:00 AM! Sign up in RhinoFit!

CROSSFIT GAMES Atlantic Regional…This weekend ~ June 1-3

10 meters of walking Samsons
10 meters of knees to chest
10 banded good mornings
10 light kettlebell swings

EMOM for 4 minutes:
3 Deadlifts… add weight

AMRAP in 10 minutes…

10 deadlifts
15 kettlebell swings

Men use: 225/50 lbs.
Women use: 155/35 lbs.

Scaling (scale up or down as needed)
Men: 155/35#
Women: 105/25#

Men: 65/25#
Women: 35/15#

Core Training – Week 3/Session 3 – Post in your Notes!
During this session, focus on earning as much rest as possible at the end of each round. The best way to approach this is by performing the exercises quickly, with good posture and a focus on the core, and recovering afterwards.
5 Rounds, every 2:30:
•30-50 bicycle crunches
•20-30 tuck crunches
•30 superman rocks or 45-second superman hold

Cobra to Child’s Pose
Supine scorpion
Foam Roll

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