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Tammy and Radhe

Tammy and Radhe ~ One Sumo Deadlift High Pull, One Push Press!
Great Job!

The Lurong Living Summertime Challenge
 begins on May 16th.
WE ARE SIGNED UP AS A BOX! Click on the link above to sign up!
Early sign-up discounts are available…
Zero Dark Thirty Memorial Weekend Fund Raiser at Orchid Island CrossFit
All proceeds go to the Veterans Council of Indian River County
Teams of 5 are forming… Check out the link above for more information

Pre-WOD: Run 400 meters + 5 inchworms;
2 x (10 “high” kipping swings, 10 ring dips, 10 sit-ups);
Samson stretch x 2

Skill: The Kipping Chest to Bar Pull-up“Work the Basics to get the Glory!”
Jumping Chest to Bar Pull-up @ 6 inches

Post-WOD: Cobra to Child’s Pose, Foam Roll

AMRAP in 16 minutes…
8 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
18 GHD Sit-ups
100 Meter Sandbag Run

Scale to Jumping Chest to Bar @ 6 inches or  jumping pull-ups…
Scale to AbMat Sit-ups…
Note, do not attempt to do GHD sit-ups in a WOD unless you have accumulated
months of experience doing them in the warm-up

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