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Coming Events!
Festivus Games ~ September 14th ~ Same Sex Partners ~ Click Here
CrossFit Open ~ First reveal, October 10th ~ Click Here

Be sure to check off your workouts on the August ATTENDANCE SHEET on the back wall!
Set a goal to attend at least 3-4 times a week this month!

August is Pull-up Month! Before or after your WODs:
3 sets @ 50% of your max, weighted, strict or banded lat pull-downs…

Banded Lat Pull-downs are our new skill to help get you to that first pull-up! Check out Kim and Dharmaki: Video 

Physical Therapy with Brandon ~ Thursday 5:00-7:00 
Sign up on the clipboard by Wednesday!
It’s Re-Test Week! Post your Pre-test score in the Notes in SugarWOD so we can see your improvement!

(Repeat from June 3rd)

For time:
• Row 500m
• 40 Air Squats
• 30 Sit-ups
• 20 Push-ups
• 10 Pull-ups

Air Squat
ABMAT Sit-up
Kipping Pull-Ups
Trainer-led mobility piece at the end of class to prepare for Crossfit total:
Downward Dog to plank to pushup 10x
Slow Good Morning holding light plate 20x
Slow Ground to overhead holding light plate 20x
Balance on one foot for a minute each leg

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