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Thought for the Day…
“How much do you care about getting better?”

Welcome new members David and Christine!

CrossFit works when you do it! Our members are strongly encouraged to make it their goal to attend a minimum of 3-4 times per week. Our “150 WODs in a Year Challenge” continues for 2020! An attendance summary for January has been posted on the white board in the back of the gym. Be sure to check it out!

Post your goals for 2020!
Need some ideas for setting goals? Ask your trainer for help! Attending 3-4 times a week is a great goal to set for the New Year! Also, don’t forget your Cross-over Symmetry!

Coming Events!
“Burritt Built Throwdown” – March 28th
Co-Ed teams 2 girls + 2 guys.
Plan to come out to support our TCCF teams!

The Festivus Games…
Saturday, April 18th, individual athletes

WOD 1:
Hang Squat Clean 3-2-1-1-1  E3MOM

Build to Heavy Single

* Athletes will build to a Heavy Single Hang Squat Clean in 5 sets completed in a 3-2-1-1-1 format
* Athletes should partner up minimize the amount of bodies moving at once, making it easier for the trainer to see and correct movement
* Each rep starts with a deadlift to full extension and the hang position is anywhere above the knees

WOD 2:

30 Double Unders
1 Hang Squat Clean (135/95)
30 Double Unders
2 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95)
30 Double Unders
3 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95)

* Athletes must deadlift the bar to full extension before beginning each set
* We’ll build to a heavy single in today’s strength piece
* For our conditioning piece, the barbell reps will climb by 1 each round
* The score for this workout is total reps completed at the end of the 9 minutes

Movement Videos:
The Hang Squat Clean
The Double-under



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