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***We are excited to announce some new plans for the New Year!
We have a three challenges… WODs, Goal Setting, and Nutrition!
For the WODs we have a “150 Challenge”!  Your trainer will explain this to you.

For Goal Setting see the big whiteboard. Your trainers will have some insights on that for you as wellThe Nutrition piece is coming soon… stay tuned!

***If you haven’t done so already consider subscribing to the CrossFit email of the day!
It is brief and packed with life-changing info!
You can do so here: …scroll to the bottom of the page.

***Are you logging your workouts in SugarWOD? Here is another new goal for the New Year! Step up your commitment, receive announcements and WODs sent directly to your phone daily, and feel the love and support from your TC CrossFit Family!


Our next 8-week weightlifting class with Pete will begin on Tomorrow, January 8th!
This class meets twice a week, 5:15-6:30 and is designed for the intermediate to advanced lifter. The cost is $50 per month. 

Physical Therapy this week… See the sign-up sheet to save your spot!
A Great goal might be to try some physical therapy! See your trainer for a 50% off coupon for your first visit!

Shoulder Press + 3 Push Presses
Achieve 1RM
20 minute cap…

Skill Work/Rope Climb Focus:
5 min AMRAP of:
15 Rope KTE followed by 20 arch body rocks.
• Advanced athletes should be doing strict K2E while aggressively leaning back.
• Keep legs together and “kick” heels to the ceiling to create the rocking motion.

Scaled Options:
1. 8 Rope KTE and 10 arch body rocks. 
2. Jumping K2E and 20 sec arch body (superman) hold.
• During the arch body hold, legs should be straight and heels/toes should remain together. Keep a “long” body.
The Shoulder Press
The Push Press
SP, PP, PJ Tri-panel 
400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry
3-way shoulder on the rig
Foam roll


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