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Monday, January 8, 2017

The Lurong Challenge begins one week from today!
Supplemental weightlifting starts tomorrow 1/9 at 5:15!
…Please sign up in RhinoFit!  ⇑
Barbell Clinic with Bronco 1/19 at 6:30 ~ “Snatches”

Run 200 meters
30 dynamic calf stretches
:30 Bar hang
10 each:
Walking Samsons
Hip extensions

10 dynamic prone scorpion
10 dynamic supine scorpion
Foam Roll


Butterfly Pull-ups
Practice the box butterfly circle drill…
and bicycle leg motion

The Clean and jerk
Begin with an empty bar and work up to your working weight

7 Rounds for time…
7 Pull-ups
3 Clean and Jerks 95/135#
Run 100 Meters

Rx+ 115/155#

Scale to 7 head-high butterfly pull-ups or 7 box butterfly circles

400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry (try not to use the lip of the bumper plate)
3-way shoulder on the rig
Foam Roll


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