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Congratulations to Dorinda for winning the
Whole30 Diet Challenge, scoring 161 points!
She was followed by Janira with 129 points, and 
Marisela with 125 points. Awesome job to all!

Help represent TCCF in our community
Ask your Trainer for one!

Bike WOD next Saturday! Plan to bring your bike!
A short bike ride will be part of the WOD!
  If you don’t have a bike, don’t worry… you can share or use a stationary bike!

Mobility on Thursday at 5:30 PM! ←sign up in RhinoFit!

Yoga on Sunday at 9:00 AM! ←sign up in RhinoFit!

Swim WOD below!

Rowing – “Pick Drill” ~ continue for 500 meters
10 sit-ups
10 hip extensions or good mornings
Core complex practice (5-10 seconds each):
forearm plank
bird dog right
bird dog left
forearm plank
oblique plank right
oblique plank left
…stretch as needed


1. Core Strength Post-Test/Go unbroken for a long as you can…
60-second Forearm Plank
15-second left arm/right leg off the floor
15-second right arm/left leg off the floor
30-second plank
15-second oblique hold right side
15-second oblique hold left side
return to plank and hold until failure

Post the time you stopped at any time during the workout…
Compare to 5/14 Pre-test…
Please note your improvement on the board and in SugarWOD!

2. 3 Rounds of:
Row 250 meters
20 single-leg deadlifts – no weight/no rush (10 right + 10 left)

post your 3 rowing set times only… these can be posted in your “notes” in SugarWOD

Single-leg deadlift← ←follow the instructions carefully!

400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip or barbell carry
Supine scorpion
Foam roll

Swim WOD:
Warm up- 50 meter under water swim

Workout- 4 rounds for time:
swim 50 meters underwater
after each 50 meters complete 50 Air squats

Cool down – 100 meter kickboard






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