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Be Brave and Kind – Help out Sirsy!
Our Friend Melanie from the band Sirsy needs our help…her cancer has returned.
Click above to connect with their Go Fund Me page!
We are: “Sebastian CrossFit Rockstar Crew”

Do you know where our AED is?
If we had an emergency would you know how to use it?

Save the DATE! TEAM WOD! This Friday, June 8th @ 5:30 PM! ←Sign up in RhinoFit!

Mobility is on Thursday at 5:30 PM! ←Sign up in RhinoFit!

Yoga is on SUNDAY at 9:00 AM! Sign up in RhinoFit!

Run 200  meters
:30 bar hang

Trainer led:
Burgener warm-up
Skill transfer exercises for the Snatch

E2MOM for 10 minutes:
3 Squat Snatch ~ begin with an empty bar…add weight as needed

Post your 5 lifts…

Beginners –
Hang power snatch, power snatch
…use a PVC pipe or empty bar

Core Strength Training – Week 4/Session 1
The exercises in this session will be determined by your performance in the final session of Week 3. If you found you had less than 40 seconds of rest in the previous session you should perform 4 rounds, whereas if you had more than 40 seconds of rest you should perform 6 rounds of the following:

4/6 rounds:

•10 Strict toes-to-bar

•11 hollow rocks

•12 superman rocks or 20-30 second superman holds

•40 plate twists (With an appropriate weight: it should be challenging but stable)

Cobra to child’s pose
Supine scorpion
Foam Roll

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