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June 3, 2016
Island Party 2016 ~ A Great Success!
June 5, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

Island Party 2016

Island Party 2016!  A Great Day for our TCCF Family!


Interested in doing some swimming to supplement your WODs this summer?
We are considering forming a 9:00 AM group on Tuesdays and a 4:00 PM group on Thursdays at the North County Pool. Please let us know of your interest by putting your name (and days and times you would like) on the sheet on the table.

Jump rope 3 minutes + 30 dynamic calf stretches;
HQ Warm-up with strict pull-ups; prone position- lacrosse ball triceps smash

Skill: The Clean ~ Olympic Lifting Fundamentals with Christmas Abbott
Focus on the Clean today…keep it simple!
2-2-2 Hang Power Clean (adding weight-keep bar close to body)
2-2-2 Power Clean (adding weight)
1-1-1-1-1 Clean*
*record your heaviest lift on the board and with your trainer

Post-WOD: Cobra to Child’s Pose, foam roll

Kettlebell Swings 35/50+




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