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Saturday Night! Davy and Christina will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Party!
The address is on the board!     7:00 PM ~ BYOB.
There is plenty of food but if you want to bring a dish you are welcome to!

All 18.3 WOD scores are due by tonight at 8:00 PM! If you still need to do the WOD or would like to redo it today please arrange to have someone come along to be your judge.

18.4 is Friday! Come to the box to see the Reveal at 8:00 PM on Thursday!

Next Saturday morning will be “Bring Your Bike Day”!
We will include a 400 meter bike ride in the WOD. 
If you don’t currently have a bike that’s OK… we are hoping that some people might be able to bring more than one bike to share . Also, one bike can be shared by Partners.
Don’t want to bike? Stationary bikes will be available too!

Coming soon… The Festivus Games!
…April 21st at Harbor City CrossFit in Melbourne. ←Info Here.
Happy Birthday Danya (3/11)!!!
Run 200 meters
30 dynamic calf stretches
2 x 

10 Wall Balls 
10 Sit-ups (long arms)
:30 bar hang
Piriformis stretch
10 dynamic prone scorpion
Foam Roll
The Thruster 

Warm-up with your trainer…bar-only
3 sets of: 3 Front squats + 3 Push Press

Gradually add weight to your Thruster as you continue to warm-up
For time:
21 Thrusters
42 Sit-ups
15 Thrusters
30 Sit-ups
9 Thrusters
18 Sit-ups
Cash out: 400 meter run
Rx weight: 65/95#
400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry
3-way shoulder on the rig
Foam roll

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