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Whole30 Starts today! Our WOD 1 is the pre-test…

New Core Strength Program starts today!
“Core of Champions” 8-week program, Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays
Our WOD 2 today is the Pre-test…

Mobility with Susie is BACK this week!
Thursday at 5:30 in the small gym! Sign up in RhinoFit!
↓            ↓            ↓             ↓            ↓           ↓           ↓           ↓            ↓ 

Come spend an hour learning to take care of your body.  Joint mobility, stability, soft tissue health, neuromuscular control, and body movement are all aspects of this amazing class. Learn different mobilizations each week to develop the routine your body benefits from the most. This work is critical to the long term health and maintenance of your body.

↓↓↓REMINDERS! Please sign up on the board if you are interested↓↓↓

ISLAND PARTY! Saturday, May 26th! More info to come!

MURPH on Memorial Day at 8:30 AM!

CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional← tickets on sale now… June 1-3

10 meter “slow” shuttles:
walking samson
over the hurdle

knees to chest
figure 4

10 Banded good mornings
3 Burpee broad jumps

The Deadlift
The Burpee (…not over bar)

Trainer-led Deadlift warm-up/5 sets:
#1 – Bar only x 10
Share bars at this point to save time…
#2 – Add weight – 3 reps 
#3 – Add weight – 3 reps 
#4 – Add weight – 3 reps 
#5 – working weight – 3 reps 

WOD 1:
“Whole30 Pre-WOD”
7 minute Ladder of:
Bar-facing Burpees

Men use: 225#
Women use: 155#

Post total reps…and any scaling

This WOD will follow a 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc., sequence for the 7 minutes. Scale the deadlift weight to a number that is heavy for you! Burpees may be scaled to walking up and back and/or stepping over the bar. 
Make note in SugarWOD of how you performed this WOD. We will be repeating it in one month on June 13th to gauge our improvement.

WOD 2:
Core Strength Pre-Test/Go unbroken for a long as you can…
60-second Forearm Plank
15-second left arm/right leg off the floor
15-second right arm/left leg off the floor
30-second Forearm Plank
15-second oblique hold right side
15-second oblique hold left side
return to Forearm Plank and hold until failure

Post the time you stopped at any time during the workout…
There will be an identical re-rest in 8 weeks at the end of the program

Cobra to Child’s Pose
400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip or barbell carry
Foam Roll











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