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CrossFit Games 2018

Atlantic Regional←info here
June 1-3, 2018
Palm Beach County Convention Center
650 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Did you know that we have been doing Cross-Over Symmetry for 1 YEAR!
Happy Anniversary TCCF!!

The Festivus Games will be held on April 21st at Harbor City CrossFit in Melbourne.
This is a great opportunity for our members to participate in a competition with other CrossFitters in our Area!
Please consider signing up as a participant or coming out to spectate and cheer for our TCCF athletes!
All Festivus Games workouts can be seen at the link provided below↓ ←Info Here.
→Coupon Code: 04201810off


Run 200-400 meters
30 Dynamic calf stretches
10 each:
Walking Samsons
5 Squats + 5 Squat Jumps (2 sets)
10 Pull-ups or ring rows
10 Push-ups ←scale to knee push-ups

Piriformis stretch
10 Dynamic supine scorpion
10 Dynamic prone scorpion ←stretch quads!

Foam roll

The Tire Flip, Jumps (or Step-ups), and Push-ups

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
12 Tire Flips 200/300#
12 Tire Jumps ←scale to step ups
12 Tire Push-ups
12 Overhead Slam Balls 30/50#

Alternate EVERY rep with your partner…

Set yourself up for a steady 20 minutes without getting bogged down anywhere…
Scale tire size, 
step-ups, and/or slam ball weight
Have fun and give a shout out to your partner on SugarWOD!

Put tires back in storage…
“Y” Stretch around the clock
Banded hamstring/quad stretches
Foam roll

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