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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Welcome Back and Happy New Year to ALL!
Just a reminder of my annual wish for everyone…
Let’s make 2018 an amazing year!

A BIG Thank you to Adam and Traci for a Super-Fun New Year’s Eve Party!
KidFit Begins Monday 1/8… there is space in the 6-8 year old class!

Supplemental weightlifting begins Tuesday 1/9
Please sign up in RhinoFit!

Run 200-400 meters
30 Dynamic calf 
:30 bar hang
10 Med ball cleans
10 sit-ups
10 V-ups

“Y” stretch
Dynamic supine scorpion

The Push Press

Partner AMRAP in 20 minutes…
5 Tire Flips 200+/300+
10 Push Press 65/95#
15 V-ups

Partner 1 begins the triplet.
Partner 2 runs 200 meters and then picks up where Partner 1 leaves off.
Partner 1 runs,  and continue…

400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry. Step it up a level… try not to use the lip on the plate! It’s tough!
3 Pull-up Negatives
Cobra to Child’s Pose
Foam Roll


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