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Congratulations to All on a Great Open Season!
You Supported each other, Encouraged each other, and NO-Rep’ed each other!
You fought through frustration and discouragement!
You did things for the first time! You experienced the reward that comes from hard work!
It will be exciting to see what you can accomplish in a year!
Here’s to the CROSSFIT GAMES OPEN 2019!

All Festivus Games workouts can be seen at the link provided below.
…April 21st at Harbor City CrossFit in Melbourne. ←Info Here.
→Coupon Code: 04201810off
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Debbie Anderson!!!

Bike or Row for 20 calories
10 Inchworms
10 Push-ups ←scale to knee push-ups

PVC pipe complex/2 sets of 5 reps each:
Clean Pulls
Pass Throughs
Overhead Squats

10 Dynamic Prone scorpion
Foam Roll

EMOM for 3 minutes:
3 Clean and Jerk…  add weight each minute
(slow, focus on technique)


In Teams of Three…
5 Rounds/running clock (20 minutes)

1 Minute: Clean and Jerk 65/95#
1 Minute: Bike or Row for calories
1 Minute: Push-ups ←scale to knee push-ups
1 Minute rest

Start each member of the Team at a different movement and rotate through in order.
Go for total team reps! Post total points!

400 meter 
recovery walk with pinch grip carry
“Y” Stretch
Foam Roll


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