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New Core Strength Program starting Monday! More info to come…

Mobility with Susie is BACK beginning next week!
Thursday’s at 5:30 in the small gym! Sign up in RhinoFit!
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Come spend an hour learning to take care of your body.  Joint mobility, stability, soft tissue health, neuromuscular control, and body movement are all aspects of this amazing class. Learn different mobilizations each week to develop the routine your body benefits from the most. This work is critical to the long term health and maintenance of your body.

Check our Facebook page for more information
Starts next Monday, May 14th
 the BIG white board!


MURPH is coming… Memorial Day at 8:30 AM!

↓↓↓REMINDERS! Please sign up on the board if you are interested↓↓↓

FREE Mother’s Day Yoga class, TOMORROW, May 13th at 9:00 AM!
Please sign up by Friday so that Lanette can shop!
All are welcome… bring your Mother, your Son or Daughter, a Friend, a Neighbor or just yourself! Baked goods and Mimosas will be the fare! 

ISLAND PARTY! Saturday, May 26th! More info to come!

CrossFit Games Atlantic Regional← tickets on sale now… June 1-3

Bike for 8 calories
20 meter shuttles:
Heel strike power walk
Knees to Chest
Heel strike power walk

:30 bar hang
30 sit-ups
30 hip extensions

Partner WOD in 20 Minutes…
P1 – 50 meter sled drag 45/90#
P2 – bike for calories
P1 – 100 meter run
P2 – bar hang for seconds
P1 – 60 meter plate overhead carry 25/45#
P2 – sit-ups for reps

Post combined total calories on the bike + seconds on the bar + sit-up reps

The Sled Drag – with Louie Simmons (Video :37 to 1:13)

Grab a 3 x 5 card (and a clip board) for you and your partner to keep a running tally of your scores.  Men use the 3 heavy sleds, women use the 3 lighter ones. Sled drags should be light enough for you to strike with your heels every step. If you have to go up on your toes the weight is too heavy! Keep the strap around your waist. Make this a glute-ham movement. The sled drags are out the NE door and around the grass. The run is out the West door and the overhead plate carries are in the box (10 meter shuttles). The 60 meter plate carry is quick… try to go heavy!

400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip OR barbell carry
Banded hamstring/quad stretches
Foam Roll

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