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Saturday, November 4, 2017


The November “16 Club” has started!
To make the 16 Club you must do a CrossFit WOD 4 times a week for the current month.
Good Luck!!

Tonight we have the combined “October 16 Club” and “Lurong Challenge” Pot Lucks!
Cheryl’s address is on the board! 6:00 PM

Save the Dates…
November 23rd ~ Thanksgiving Day Filthy Fifty! 

December 16th ~ Our Annual TCCF Christmas Party at Ron and Sue’s!

Jump rope ~ 3 sets of 20 DUBs/40 Singles
30 Dynamic Calf 
HQ Warm-up… 10 reps each
10 Kettlebell Swings

Dynamic Supine Scorpion
Foam Roll

Partner ~ “I Go You Rest”

10 Rounds for Time…
10 Double-unders Switch
10 Squats  →Switch
10 Kettlebell Swings  →Switch
10 Sit-ups  →Switch

P1 completes 10 reps of the movement while the P2 rests…then switch.
Only one partner works at a time.
Scale Double-unders to 20 singles
Rx Kettlebell weight 35/50+#

400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry
Calf On a Kettlebell

Foam Roll

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