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Relief supplies for the people in the Bahamas are desperately needed as you know. We are currently gathering information about what is needed (and not needed) and the timing of the shipments. We will begin collecting items as soon as possible. More information is coming soon!

Interested in the Savage Race? Let us know… November 9, 2019
See the informational poster and coupon discount code!

Festivus Games WOD 3

With a 15-minute Running Clock

PART 1: Athlete 1 Completes:

– Barbell Hang Power Snatches
– Wall Balls
— while athlete 2 cheers on athlete 1

PART 2: Athlete 2 Completes:

– 45 Barbell Hang Power Snatches
– 45 Wall Balls
— while athlete 1 cheers on athlete 2

BB Variations:
Intermediate Men: 85lbs
Intermediate Women: 55lbs
Novice/Masters Men: 65lbs
Novice/Masters Women: 45lbs

Wall Ball Variations
Intermediate Men: 20lbs/10ft
Intermediate Women: 14lbs/9ft
Novice/Masters Men: 14lbs/9ft
Novice/Masters Women: 10lbs/9ft
Score 4: Time to Complete
Add 1 second for every incomplete rep if time caps

Movement Video:

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