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Thursday, December 7, 2017


New Year’s Eve Party! Our 3rd Annual New Year’s Eve Party at Adam and Traci’s is coming up soon!  Please save the DATE!

Our Christmas Ornaments are here! Please take an ornament as a Thank you to all of our members for another great year at TCCF!

Athlete registration for the Lurong “Resolution” Challenge is open!
There are prizes for early registrations! Click here for more info ←
Earlybird pricing is available through 12/28…
Challenge dates are January 15 – February 18 (5 weeks)

Our Toys for Tots collection continues!
Here is another awesome opportunity for us to shine as a CrossFit Family!
→Box #2 is here!
The deadline for donations is Saturday, December 16th!

Christmas Party at Ron and Sue’s ~ December 16th @ 7:00 PM
Bring a dish to share if you can – this is optional… bringing yourself and sharing the holidays with your CrossFit Family is most important!
White Elephant Gift Exchange (if you want to participate) – under $20


Cross-Over Symmetry (this shoulder work is so important!!)
3 sets of 20 Double-unders

Piriformis stretch
Supine Scorpion
Foam Roll

The Step-Back Lunge

Buy-in: 100 Double-unders
5 Rounds for time…
10 Step-back Weighted Lunges (alternating, 10 each leg = 20 steps)
10 Meter sprint
10 V-ups
10 Meter sprint
Cash-out: 100 Double-unders

Rx weights  25/35# (dumbbells or kettlebells)

Recovery Walk with pinch grip carry
Cobra to Child’s pose
Banded Hamstring/Quad stretches
Foam Roll


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