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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Thought for the Day!

“You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.” — George Lorimer


Sirsy is coming to town! Our favorite band and good friends will be playing at Earls on Saturday, 2/8 at 2:00 pm and at Pareidolia on Friday, 2/21 at 7:30 pm!

Mobility with Susie… TONIGHT @ 5:30!

Yoga with Dharmaki… TOMORROW @ 6:45 pm!

Post your goals for 2020!
Need some ideas for setting goals? Ask your trainer for help! Doing CrossOver Symmetry 3-4 times a week is a great goal to set for the New Year!

Coming Events!
“Dry Tri” – February 9th – DEADLINE APPROACHING!
A triathlon without the swim: 2K row, 8K bike and 3K run

“Burritt Built Throwdown” – March 28th
Co-Ed teams 2 girls + 2 guys.

WOD 1:

“Muscle Snatch – E2MOM”
* Athletes will complete a set of 3 Muscle Snatches every 2 minutes for 10 minutes, starting light and building to a moderate weight.
* Since the goal here is mainly technique, there is no need to rush or complete these as touch and go reps
* Athletes can reset off the floor to maintain quality of movement

WOD 2:

“Four Square”
On the 4:00 x 5 Rounds:
300/250 Meter Row
20 AbMat Sit-ups
3 Power Snatches

* Athletes will work through the three movements quickly on each round as they build to a heavy weight in the Power Snatch 
* If they finish the work in 2 minutes, for example, they’ll rest until the 4 minute mark
* Athletes will record the barbell weight used for each round, with the final score being the heaviest load lifted
* There is the option to increase weight each round or stay at a challenging weight across the board
* To maintain intensity and have some rest built in, athletes should complete these rounds in 3 minutes or less

Movement Videos:
The Muscle Snatch
The Power Snatch
The ABMAT Sit-up

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