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Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Lurong Challenge begins next week!
Barbell Clinic with Bronco 1/19 at 6:30 ~ “Snatches”
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“16” Club reminder… try to get 4 workouts per week this month!!!


Row 20 Calories
10 slow PVC pipe pass throughs
Jump Rope 1 minute
10 slow walking lunge steps with 3 second hold
20 dynamic supine scorpion
Foam Roll

The Power Snatch
Trainer led Burgener warm-up
…followed by a gradual warm-up to your working weight


“BRONCO” …created by Bronco in honor of his Birthday!

For Time:
Buy in: 30 Calorie Row
3 Rounds of:
11 Power Snatches 65/95#
30 Double-unders
Cash out: 30 Calorie Row

A Benchmark WOD… be sure to post in SugarWOD!

400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry
3 Pull-up negatives 
“Y” stretch
Foam roll


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