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18.3 is Tomorrow! Come to the box to see the Reveal tonight at 8:00 PM!
NEW ~ Save the Date ↓↓↓
Party/Cook-out/Game Night at the Box after 18.5 on Friday, March 23rd!

Davy and Christina will be hosting a St. Patrick’s Day Party at their home on Saturday, the  17th, at 7:00 PM ~ more info to come…

The Festivus Games are here again!
…April 21st at Harbor City CrossFit in Melbourne. 
Many of our members attended last year and had an awesome experience! ←Info Here.  The cost is $65 to register. 
Intermediate, Novice, and Masters (which is 45+) Divisions…
The WODs are posted on the website.
With a running clock set for 18 minutes, spend 6 minutes on each:
1. Cross-Over Symmetry
2. Run 200 meters
30 dynamic calf stretches
:30 Bar Hang
10 Goblet squats – Slow, with 3 second bottom hold, pressing knees out!
3. Piriformis stretch
Dynamic supine scorpion
Foam Roll
The Double-under
~ Shoulders relaxed, back and down
~ Hands below elbows and in front of hips
~ Elbows pinned in
~ Practice your breathing
Cardio/Mobility – Prep for 18.3 tomorrow!
30 Double-unders ←scale to 60 singles
Calf on a kettlebell – 2:00 …1:00 each leg
800 meter run 
←scale to 400 or less as needed
Barbell rolling over Quads – 4:00
30 Double-unders 
←scale to 60 singles
“Y” stretch around the clock – 2:00 …1:00 each arm
800 meter run 
←scale to 400 or less as needed
Pigeon Stretch – 4:00 …2:00 each leg
Walk/jog 400 meters 
Give a shout-out to your gym mates on SugarWOD! 18.3 tomorrow!
30 Calf stretches
“Y” stretch

Foam Roll

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