Thursday, November 7, 2019

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November 5, 2019
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November 7, 2019

Thursday, November 7, 2019


Save the Date! Friday evening, November 15th will be the Grand Finale of our “Clash of the CrossFitters” competition! We will have a Team WOD followed by a cook-out. More info to come!

Open Workout 20.5 will be tomorrow in all classes!
The reveal of Open WOD 20.5 will be tonight at 8:00!

The New Attendance Chart is up! Be sure to check off your workouts for the month of November!

The Theme this week is “Community”! Plan to wear your “Clash of the CrossFitters” shirt tomorrow. If you don’t have the shirt wear a TCCF shirt if you can.

Physical Therapy with Brandon has been cancelled this week…

“Goat Day”

On the Minute x 20:
Odd: Movement 1
Even: Movement 2

“Goat” is CrossFit slang for a movement that challenges us. Examples: Double-Unders, Pull-ups, Overhead Squats, Handstand Push-ups. These are the best days to turn perceived weaknesses into strengths. No better way to do that than today. We don’t improve our technique with a high heart rate – that’s what we refer to as “training”. Today is geared towards “practice,” dialing in our mechanics with a controlled heart rate.
Choose two movements that you really need to work on!

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