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Our TCCF 10-Year Anniversary Party is Saturday, November 3, 2018!
Please let us know if you did not receive an invitation… Please RSVP by Saturday!

Come join us at Harbor City CrossFit in Melbourne for the Festivus Games!
22 of our members will be competing in this partner event! 9:00 AM – 4 PM
Come out to support our athletes! Wear your TCCF t-shirt!








TCCF is currently in first place, in the Nation, in the Lurong Challenge!
Week 4 of 6… Keep up the good work!

This week: Mobility on Thursday! Yoga on Sunday!

General Warm-up
Matt Chan Warm-up

Movement specific warm-up
The Back Squat
Start with an empty bar and warm-up gradually in 5 sets of 2, alternating with your partner

Back squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Rest a full 3 minutes between sets.
Alternate with a partner if possible for support and encouragement

Post all loads on the board and in SugarWOD

Last on 7/3/18

Finisher – choose one:
5 x :30 H
andstand holds or… wall walk holds/box holds/plank holds
5 x 5 Handstand push-ups
5 x 5  10 meter Handstand walks

Ideally, each set will be as heavy as possible for 5 reps, but newer athletes should start light and slowly add weight as they are comfortable.

Supine scorpion
400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry
Banded hamstring/quad stretches
Foam roll

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