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January 2, 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome Back and Happy New Year to ALL!
Just a reminder of my annual wish for everyone…
Let’s make 2018 an amazing year!

A BIG Thank you to Adam and Traci for a Super-Fun New Year’s Eve Party!
KidFit Begins next Monday 1/8

Supplemental weightlifting begins next Tuesday 1/9
Please sign up in RhinoFit!

Row 500 meters…choose a rower with your partner
30 Dynamic calf stretches
50 Double-unders or 100 singles
10 Slow goblet squats
Piriformis stretch
Dynamic supine scorpion
Foam Roll

The ABMAT Sit-up with straight arms ⇐ practice with your partner
The Wall Ball⇐ practice with your partner

WOD for time:

Partner ~ “Karen meets Annie”
Wall Ball Shots 14/20#
ABMAT Sit-ups
Cash out: 1,200 Meter Row (1 machine) in 200 meter increments

Partners work at the same time. Share the work any way, but you must complete one full round before moving on…

400 meter 
recovery walk with pinch grip carry
Banded hamstring/quad stretch
Foam Roll

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