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Happy Birthday Theresa!

The CrossFit Games begin this week ~ August 1 – August 4!
Eight of our members are going!

Trainers: Stacey, Susie, Traci, and Kim… as well as Dharmaki, Adam, Nancy, and Nles
Information on how to watch the Games TBA!

Just a reminder to be mindful of the importance of proper hydration and awareness of the symptoms of heat related illnesses…
Check out the information provided in the gym!

Physical Therapy with Brandon on Thursday, 5:00-7:00 PM.
The sign-up sheet is on the table… sign-up by Wednesday!

Mobility is cancelled this week. Look for Susie to be back on August 8th!

Deadlift for load:
#1: 5 reps @ 75%
#2: 3 reps @ 85%
#3: 1+ rep @ 95%

Add 10 lbs to last weeks sets if you were able to do more than 1 rep at 95%
Partner WOD:
3 Rounds for Time:
P1: Row 250 meters
P2: Holds 2 KB in rack position with KB handles Touching (53/35)
– Switch-
– Round is Completed after both Partners Row
400 Meter Bear Hug Slam Ball Carry
Workout Videos:

Rowing Tips with Jason Khalipa
Rack position kettlebell hold (handles touching)

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