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Barbell Clinic 6/14/2017
July 11, 2017

Tuesday, June 11, 2017


We are preparing to place an order for a new batch of TCCF T-Shirts!
Pre-order yours this week! See the order form on the table.

Suggestions to help beat the heat:
Check out the hydration chart in the bathrooms
Bring a large insulated cup of ice from home and fill it with water at the box
Use a Kool Towel (we sell them!) or some other cooling towel to keep your body temperature down
Use the cold spray bottles provided in the refrigerator
⇒Also, b
ring a personal towel to keep hands and face dry (ours are for cleaning)

Barbell Clinic with Bronco ~ Friday night at 6:30!  Sign up online!

Are you aware of the signs and symptoms of HEAT RELATED ILLNESSES?
Please read the information provided at the box!

1. The Pick Drill
⇒ Row Arms only
⇒ Row Arms and Body (mobility check!)
⇒ Row Arms, Body, 1/2 Slide
⇒ Row Arms, Body, Full Slide

2. Cross-Over Symmetry #s 1, 2, & 3

Rope Climbing ~ The “J” Hook
*Note… leg protection is required for all climbers!

3 Rounds for time…
500 meter Row
3 Rope Climbs ←scale to 5 squats + 5 seated pull-ups x 3

Band-assisted hamstring/quad stretches, “Y” stretch, foam roll

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