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Save the Dates…
Warrior Dash Cyber Monday Special…
NEW ⇒ 1:00 Wave!

Our next Physical Therapy session with Brandon Davey will be Thursday, November 29th
See the sign-up sheet …there still may be a few spots left!

Christmas Party ~ Saturday, December 8th! 
7:00 PM ~ <$20 White elephant gift if you want to participate!

Our TOYS FOR TOTS box is back and ready to be filled!
New, unwrapped gifts please…

Happy Holidays to ALL! Please pick up a TCCF Christmas Ornament as a
“Holiday Thank You” from your gym owners!

Back Squat for load:
#1: 20 reps

Rope Climb Skill Work
Every 90 seconds complete 10-8-6-4-2 of:
Seated straddle alternating rope pulls.
• Begin the first set with 10 reps, the 2nd set 8 reps, and so on.
• Each pull=1 rep
• Strive to get the lower hand to touch near the chest.

Scaled Option:
1. Bend the knees.
2. Keep feet on floor, but maintain straight legs.
3. Keep feet on floor, near the rope.
The Back Squat
Squat Holds with Plate drop
3-Way Hip Mobility
Seated straddle rope pulls
400 meter recovery walk with pinch grip carry
Piriformis stretch
Foam roll

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