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Come join Coach Kim at 5:30 on Friday Night for a Team WOD and then join us in the parking lot for our Gym-Wide Cook-out!
Come to one or both events! Sign up in RhinoFit!

The February Attendance list is up! Keep up the good work TCCF!!!

All TCCF members are invited to join a Six-Week Healthy Eating Challenge hosted by Stacy Bond. The start date was March 2nd! (It is ok to sign up late) Details are on our TCCF Facebook page. You can sign up by emailing Stacy at

A New 8-week session of our Weightlifting Class with Pete will begin on Tuesday, March 17th. 

Coming Events!

March 28th – Come watch our athletes compete in the Burritt Built Throwdown!

“The Bergeron Beep Test”
On the Minute For as Long as Possible (20-minute cap):
7 Thrusters (75/55)
7 Pull-ups
7 Burpees

* The “Bergeron Beep Test” is a CompTrain classic benchmark workout
* Every minute on the minute, you’ll complete 7 thursters, 7 pull-ups, and 7 burpees
* When athletes are no longer able to complete the work within the minute, the workout is done for logging purposes (**see below)
* The score is total completed rounds and reps
* The goal is to choose weights, rep schemes, and movement variations that allow for at least 10 or more rounds
** If athletes are not able to make it to twenty minutes, continue to complete the workout AMRAP style until 20:00 on the clock
*For Example: If you only make it to 12 minutes, ditch the EMOM and complete as many rounds and reps possible for 8 more minutes
* Athletes shouldn’t worry about going on the minute in this scenario, they can just get as much work done with the remaining time
* These athletes will record total rounds and reps on the EMOM, the additional work to reach 20 minutes can be noted in the notes 

Movement Videos:
The Thruster
The Kipping Pull-up
The Burpee

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