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The November “16 Club” starts on TODAY!
To make the 16 Club you must do a CrossFit WOD 4 times a week for the current month. 
In November you can get 2 days this week and 2 days the last week to make 4 days, plus the 3 full weeks in the middle of the month. Good Luck!

Save the Dates…
November 4th (Saturday) ~ “October 16 Club” and “Lurong Challenge” Celebrations
We are combining the Pot Lucks! Cheryl is our host!
Sign up on the board… 6:00 PM. Address… see the board→→→

November 23rd ~ Thanksgiving Day Filthy Fifty! 

December 16th ~ Our Annual TCCF Christmas Party at Ron and Sue’s!

Run 200 meters
Dynamic Supine scorpion
Foam Roll

The Rope Climb with Jason Khalipa

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
• 2 rope climbs (scale to 12 seated barbell sit-ups, total)
• 10 ring dips
• 20 GHD sit-ups

Legs must be protected for rope climbs!
GHD sit-ups should only be done by experienced CrossFitters!
From HQ: 4/14/16

400 meter recovery walk
“Y” stretch
Foam Roll

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