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Our Toys for Tots collection continues!

Check out the big box up front!  Here is another awesome opportunity for us to shine!
The box is filling up! I will get another one if needed…great job!!

→Christmas Party ~ December 16th ~ Pot Luck + Gift Exchange!

Run 200 meters
20 meters of lunge/squat 
10 goblet squats with 3 second bottom hold
5-10 pull-ups… set up bars on the rig as needed

“Y” stretch
Supine scorpion
Foam Roll

The Rope Climb… all climbers must wear leg protection!
The Front Squat…warm up from an empty bar to your 60%


Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
(use the “percentage calculator” in SugarWOD)

2 rope climbs
2 front squats @ 60% 1RM

2 rope climbs
4 front squats @ 60 % 1RM

2 rope climbs
6 front squats @ 60% 1RM

…continue adding 2 front squats each round

Post total rounds and load…
Scale rope climbs to 10 seated bar pull-ups per climb
Last on 11/21/16

400 meter recovery walk
Banded hamstring/quad stretches
Foam Roll

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